Mateo Panzica is one of the most innovative craftsman of his métier, currently working at timber framing in the southern Appalachian Mountains. His day job makes him one of a three-man team building multi-million dollar houses on mountain cliff-sides. He is both the engineer and head craftsman: the one who figures out things like how to erect and install a six ton, 40 foot octagon-shaped wooden roof element at 4000 ft. elevation.

His work and tools are still informed by classic European and Japanese structures. Why would you change a structural design element that for centuries has imbued integrity and strength?

That question and its answer are what inform every piece of craftsmanship from Mateo Panzica’s hands. These include tables, chairs, chests, decorative interior elements, and an original line of hand planes selling for upwards of 3,000 dollars each due to their innovation and constant consideration of the best tools made in by-gone eras.

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